The Chatham Squire Lunch Specials Menu




Lunch Served Daily 11:30am-4:30pm

LUNCH SPECIALS Saturday 16th of FEBRUARY 2019

PLEASE JOIN US IN THE TAVERN FOR LIVE MUSIC W/ The Dirty Water Dance Band 10-close!!!


Soup of the Day

Potato Leek 5.5/6.5


Soup and Sandwich

California Chicken Salad Craisins, avocado, mayo, lettuce, wrap 12.



Steamers — Broth, drawn butter 15.

Asian Wraps — Chicken, Asian vegetables, almonds, sweet soy, wasabi, Bibb lettuce 10.

Coconut Shrimp – Raspberry sauce 9.

Stromboli Roll- Pepperoni, Cotija & provolone cheese, red sauce 9.



Lobster RollToasted, fries 28.

Boiled Lobster- 1 1/4lb., steamed, corn on the cob, drawn butter 34.

Blue Plate – Saffron Seafood Stew Shrimp, swordfish, mussel meat, clams, fresh herbs, garlic, seafood broth, rice 13.

Melt – French Dip Prime rib, sliced thin, cheddar cheese, sub roll, Au Jus, fries 14.

Burger Special – “To Brie Or Not To Brie” – House burger stuffed with brie, bacon & jalapenos, lettuce tomato, brioche bun, fries 14.


Today’s Sides

Vegetable Medley

Baked Beans



Indian Pudding 8. Key Lime Pie 8. Kentucky High Pie 8.

Vanilla Ice Cream 8. Chocolate Thunder 8.  

Cheesecake with Strawberries 8. Limoncello Cake 8.

Drink Specials

Coffee Drink Special- Bailey’s Irish Cream, Godiva White Chocolate, Coffee 10.

Hog Island’s White Shark Wheat 5.

White Chocolate Pink MartiniStoli Vanilla, Godiva White Chocolate, Splash of Grenadine,

Cranberry Juice 11.

Shoal Hope Ciderworks 6.4%ABV, 16oz. 8.50 Hot Apple Cider 2.50/ With Spiced Rum 8.

Tavignano Verdicchio 2016 Travignono Cingoli, Italy 9./35

Dylan’s Ghost 2015 Red Blend 12./47 Santa Cristina 2016 Toscana 9./35

Trivia: One of the longest running Broadway shows ever, with over 4,000 performances contained the name of a common animal in the title. What is it?