The Chatham Squire Lunch Specials Menu



LUNCH SPECIALS — Wednesday 22nd February 2017






Soup du Jour

Shrimp & Black Bean 4.5/5.5


Soup and Sandwich

Quarter-Pounder with Cheese — Chips 12.



Tuna Poke Wasabi cream, Wakame, Asian vinaigrette, sushi tuna, sesame seeds,

shredded carrots, ginger, wonton crisps 15.

Steamers — Clam broth, drawn butter 14.

Marinated Chicken Wings — Fried, ranch dressing 8.


Entrée Specials

Lobster Croissant — Fresh Fruit 28.

Lobster O.D. A lobster roll served with a cup of creamy lobster bisque 23.

Blue Plate — Fried Flounder — Fries, slaw 13.

Today’s Melt — Smoked ham, Provolone, tomato red onion relish, shredded lettuce, sub roll, fries 12.

Seafood Stew — Baby shrimp, grilled swordfish, chopped clams, sausage, vegetables, tangy tomato broth, rice

Turkey Salad Wrap — Smoked turkey, lettuce, slaw 10.



Today’s Sides

Vegetable Medley

Baked Beans



Indian Pudding 8. Key Lime Pie 8. Kentucky High Pie 8.

Sweet Pete’s Brownie Sundae 8. Turtle Cheesecake 8.

 S’Mores Lava Cake 8. Vanilla Ice Cream 6. Lemon Cream Cake 8.


Wine & Drink  Specials

Honoro Vera Garnacha (Spain 2015) 8./31. Hot Cider 2.50 with Spiced Rum 8.

Squire Ale Sam Adams Brew 5.

Cupid’s Kiss Martini Stoli raspberry, Chambord, sour mix, sprite, cranberry juice 12.


The “Roper”— Stoli, Soda, Splash of Cran, Orange Slice, Snifter 7.

(with love and a heavy heart  from your Squire family)




Trivia: Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo in what year??