Dinner Served Nightly from 4:30pm to 10:00pm

DINNER SPECIALS – Saturday 22nd July 2017


                                                                           Soup du Jour

Beef Barley 4.5/5.5



Nacho Poke — Sushi tuna, wasabi cream, Wakame salad, Asian Vinaigrette, sesame seeds, serrano peppers, sweet soy, ginger, wonton crisps 15.

Fruits in the Field — Field greens, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, toasted almonds, red onions, goat cheese, lemon vinaigrette 15.

Tex Mex Shrimp — (4) Colossal shrimp, dry rubbed, south west spice, grilled, plum tomatoes, scallion salsa, lime sour cream 14.



Roast Prime Rib Au Jus — Mashed potatoes 28.

Veau Du Jour — “Marsala” —Scallopine sautéed, pancetta, sage, garlic, leeks, mushrooms, Marsala demi, angel hair 28.

Scampi —“Picatta” — Gulf shrimp sautéed, Heirloom tomatoes, capers, garlic, shallots, fresh herbs, lemon, white wine, linguine 27.

Big PapiPan seared sea scallops, garlic, leeks, shallots, tomatoes, roasted butternut squash, baby spinach, basil cream sauce, penne 28.

Grilled Swordfish — Key West spice, fresh pineapple, mango butter sauce, rice 27.

Baked Halibut — Lightly seasoned, crabmeat, roasted tomato beurre blanc, balsamic drizzle, garlic parmesan, ditalini 30.

Mussels Florentine — Steamed in beer, spinach parmesan cream sauce, linguine 20.

Clam Strips — slaw/fries 16.


Indian Pudding 8. Key Lime Pie 8. Kentucky High Pie 8.

Sweet Pete’s Brownie Sundae 8. Cheesecake with Strawberries 8.

Chocolate Thunder 8. Lemon Cake 8. Vanilla Ice Cream 6.


Beer and Wine Specials

Sonoma Cutrer Pinot Noir, CA, 2014 12./47.

Dutton Goldfield Chardonnay, CA, 2015 50.


Red, White and Blue – Stoli Blueberry, Soda Water, splash of Cranberry 7.

Enjoy an Ice Cold Bottle of Stella Artois 5.