The Chatham Squire Dinner Specials Menu



Dinner Served 4:30pm to 10:00pm Sunday thru Saturday

                                            DINNER SPECIALS – Thursday 25th May 2017



Soup du Jour

Minestrone 4.5/5.5




Nacho Poke — Sushi tuna, wasabi cream, Wakame salad, Asian Vinaigrette, sesame seeds, serrano peppers, sweet soy, ginger, wonton crisps 15.

Squire Skins— 3 potato skins filled with linguica and crab meat, tri color pepper, onion, scallions, parmesan cheese, lobster sauce 12.

Steamers— Broth, drawn butter 14.



Entrée Specials

Prime Rib Au Jus — garlic mashed potatoes 27.

Veau Du JourScallopine of veal, sautéed, garlic, roast mushrooms, panchetta, baby spinach, Madeira wine, provolone cheese, angel hair pasta 27.

Grilled Key West Swordfish— Key West spice, jasmine rice, tomato & cucumber relish, lemon butter 26.

Shrimp Scampi — Gulf shrimp, garlic, leeks, grape tomatoes, fresh basil, lemon, parmesan cream sauce, fettucine, shredded Romano 27.

Sea Scallops Rossi—Sautéed, garlic, leeks, roasted mushrooms, baby spinach, grilled Italian sausage, sweet vermouth, hint of cream, red bliss potatoes 27.

Chicken Picatta — Sautéed medallions, garlic, shallots, capers, fresh herbs, roasted tomatoes, lemon, white wine, sweet butter, fettucine 23.

Mussels Du Jour Steamed in a light lager, garlic, Portuguese sausage, peppers, onions, tomato, linguine 20.

Lobster Croissant Fresh fruit 28.

Lobster Special — 1 ¼ lb. steamers, corn on the cob 33.

Clam Strips Slaw, fries 16.



Chocolate Thunder 8. Indian Pudding 8. Key Lime Pie 8. Kentucky High Pie 8.

Sweet Pete’s Brownie Sundae 8. Cheesecake w/ Strawberries 8.

Chocolate Lava Cake 8. Vanilla Ice Cream 6. Strawberry Shortcake 8.



Drink  Specials

Cape Cod Summer Ale 5.

Wachusett Blueberry Ale 5.

Honoro Vera Garnacha (Spain 2015) 8.31. Bieler Rose (France 2015) 8./31.  

Melon Ball Martini- Malibu, Midori, Pineapple 12.

The “Roper”- Stoli, Soda, Splash of Cran, Orange Slice, Snifter 7.